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Ask The Experts

Thursday, June 11th

2:00PM EST 

Join Hospitality Crisis And Recovery Experts, Anthony Melchiorri & Jeremy Pinkerton as they share their combined experience, knowledge and actionable strategies to guide you through a successful recovery 

You Are Not Alone…..


If you’re in the hospitality industry, you’ve most likely been “hit” in more ways than one by the impact of the COVD-19 and the economic crisis that’s happening globally. In these uncertain times, it is absolutely critical to turning to industry experts who are not only experienced with crisis management but have the highest success rate and track record for helping failing properties recover. 

If You Experiencing The Pains Of…..

Market & Competition Dropping Rates

Declining Morale In Upper And Lower Management?

Low Demand And Revenue Loss

Challenges With Funding and Emergency Funds?

Fear And Uncertainty Among Your Staff?

Property Cleanliness, Sanitation Procedures & Training

You'll Want To Be On This Webinar To....

Receive Post-Pandemic Operational Strategies

A Community Of Your Peers & Industry Leaders To Guide You

Access Post-Pandemic & Industry Specific Revenue Strategies

Discuss Specific Challenges At YOUR Property

Live Q & A Sessions And More!

Join Anthony and Jeremy as they guide hotel owners and operators and management through one of the worst times in our history for the hospitality industry.

Your Hospitality Crisis Experts & Triage Team

TV’s “Hotel Impossible” host, Anthony Melchiorri, and his business partner, Jeremy, are the most sought after consultants during this Pandemic. Together, they have been rescuing businesses in crisis for over a decade. They know the exact line items, revenue streams, dials to turn, and strategies for course correction. This dynamic duo has helped thousands of properties through the crisis and is ready to serve you through this unprecedented time.

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