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Great Hosts Make Great Reads. 


Trust. It’s the lifeblood of any relationship. 


With expertises in all areas of travel and hotel businesses, getting your message read out by one of the industries widely recognized speakers- Glenn Haussman, is one sure-way to start building that trust. 


With four shows under his belt including; No Vacancy w/ 

Glenn Haussman and Checking in Live co-hosted with Anthony Melchiorri (host of tv show Hotel Impossible) …’re not only getting your advert read out by the biggest names in the industry but your audience will feel as if your products and services are being endorsed by them too.

“I have known Glenn for many years and have been a guest on his podcast several times. Glenn has always impressed me with his intellect and enthusiasm. He is insightful, articulate and motivational. As a speaker or moderator, he has the complete package – engaging stage presence, meaningful content and high energy delivery. He leaves a lasting impression. I highly recommend him.” 


David Kong | President & CEO, Best Western International, the world’s largest hotel brand.

Your Brand’s Message Integrated Seamlessly Into The Show


Our listeners are native to the hospitality industry. This is what they do day-in, day-out, and now you can get access to their undivided attention. 


With 100% focus on; food and beverage, travel and tourism, lodging and recreation - your message will reach a targeted audience and fit perfectly around high-quality, educational content that our audience loves.

Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥

Whether you’re well established as a hospitality innovator, or just getting started as a catalyst for change within your organization - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Glenn does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving hospitality business, and life you can be proud of - from leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!


Entertaining while educating!

I discovered this podcast a couple weeks ago and have been learning sooo much about being a hotelier! I am only 2 years into my hotel adventure with only 20 rooms. So at first listen this didn’t really seem relevant to me but I was very entertained, but the more I gobbled up episodes the more I have been able to pull important information out that I didn’t know I needed! Thank you so much and keep them coming!


Real Hospitality content & guests

Glenn does a wonderful job of having excellent guests with real hospitality experience and true movers and shakers. It’s great to hear from these people. If you want to be connected to the business, this is your podcast.


Leverage Our Authority

Being the Official Podcast for both the AAHOA Annual Conference and the Lodging Conference it’s safe to say the No Vacancy News Network has got a bit of authority behind it. 


We don't just talk-the-talk however. We walk-the-walk too by  constantly being in the mix attending over 25 events per year.


You can now leverage that authority we’ve built over the years and direct all that attention towards your company's products and services - without the need for expensive advertising agencies.

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Live Read Message

Get in front of our audience and stay there with our Live Read Message. 


A 30 second live read ad about your company. Complete with logo and tagline mention with multiple additional mentions throughout the show.

Segment Sponsorship

Choose a segment of our show to match your ad with specific content. 


This will allow you to not only get your message on air - but ensures our content matches your ad with pin-point precision - making your message a whole lot stronger.

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Entice our audience with a strong call to action and a website address for them to learn more about your products and services.

Pre-Recorded Ads

Already got an ad you want to run? Great! Now you can run that exact ad live on-air. 


Just send us the content and we’ll have our team edit it into the show. 

Buy An Episode

Get complete control by having a whole episode created specifically for your company. 


We’ll interview experts in your category, feature your company spokesperson and we can even partner with you on what guests to include.


Sponsor Show Clips

Get your brand directly associated with a highlight clip. 


With each clip running at 3-5 [INS??] on average, you’ll be able to get your logo and message


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5.0 Ratings



“Glenn is a journalist and great journalists tend to prepare and ultimately set a tone for their Interviewee to be comfortable, leading to an insightful chat. Glenn’s skills as a Panel Chair, Podcaster, Media thought leader all stems from being a professional journalist that wants his Interviewee to perform well and thus offer something interesting for the audience to become engaged. He simply delivers energy that all parties engage with.”

Sean Worker, President & CEO, BridgeStreet Global Hospitality